The Little Known Natural Oasis Hidden In North Dakota That’s Impossible Not To Love

Most people know about the Theodore Roosevelt National Park, North Dakota’s only national park and a very stunning example of the beauty held in the badlands. What many people don’t know is that there is more than one park in the southwest region that encapsulates this stunning natural area. Along with the TRNP, there is a scenic little state park hidden in a valley between the canyons that is a natural oasis for plants, animals, and campers alike. It’s North Dakota’s only seasonally open state park and it will be closed in November until next year, so get there while you still can and enjoy the fall colors!

Sully Creek State Park can be found at 1465 36th St, Medora, ND 58645. To camp here you must make reservations in advance, you can find their contact information to make a reservation here. Visiting just for the day only requires a day pass or annual pass. It’s only open until November 30th and the fall colors in the area are especially stunning right now, so get there while you still can!

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