A Drone Flew Over A Field In North Dakota And Captured Mesmerizing Footage

Harvest time is well upon us in North Dakota and our farmers are busy working day and night to get it done. It isn’t always easy, but it pushes the state’s agriculture to be some of the best in the entire country. They don’t call us “the breadbasket of the nation” for nothing!

Watching the combines at work in the fields from the ground can already be fascinating, but if you’ve ever wondered what it looked like from a bird’s-eye view, you’re in for a treat!

Adam Bettenhausen filmed this wheat harvest near Wishek, North Dakota with his drone just last month, showcasing the process from an aerial point of view – and it’s completely mesmerizing. To think that at the beginning of the season this field was just freshly tilled dirt and by the end was lush with the wheat that feeds most of the people in America is fascinating, especially considering all the work that goes into it.

Take a look at these awesome shots:

Bettenhausen also captured the seeding of the very same field with his drone back in spring – check it out right here.

There are some fantastic things you can see from the sky in North Dakota, especially all of the beautiful natural land we have. This drone footage of the badlands is completely breathtaking and is a great way to showcase the state’s abundant natural beauty.

Have any photos you’ve taken of this year’s ongoing harvest that you’d like to share? Send them to us so we can feature them on our page! North Dakota is primarily agricultural-driven, so let’s embrace it by capturing some awesome shots of it.