The Truly Grim Reality Of 10 Deserted Ghost Towns In North Dakota

Time and nature will always take their toll no matter what. Such is the case with these 10 ghost towns in North Dakota. At some point they were bustling towns, most sprung up from the railroad and thriving from as early as 1880 then dying off by the mid 1900s. A lot of them rose to populations of 500 or more and then drastically fell off around the Great Depression and dwindled off as people moved on further west or to larger towns that still exist in the state today.

Explore what remains at these ghost towns today. For the most part, it is just the final traces of the life that used to live there, being taken over by nature. What remains is grim.

These towns were once bustling, and the only evidence of that is the memories of former residents and any rare photographs that still exist. Take a look at what they used to be like back in their prime through these amazing photos.