North Dakota Has A Grand Canyon And It’s Incredibly Beautiful

Arizona isn’t the only place that can boast about having a Grand Canyon. North Dakota has arguably one of the most beautiful series of canyons and buttes in the entire country, earning some of the steep walls the name of the “painted canyon” for the vibrant colors of the many layers of rock. It’s honestly just too beautiful for words. Just take a look at these pictures of the canyons and buttes in North Dakota.

The Theodore Roosevelt National Park is definitely a hidden gem that more people should know about. North Dakota isn’t known for having anything like the Grand Canyon but obviously we have that and more, especially when you visit the canyons and buttes in North Dakota. There is another hidden gem in North Dakota that would give forests in places like Washington state and Oregon a run for their money, and it’s right here.

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Address: Theodore Roosevelt National Park, North Dakota, USA
The OIYS Visitor Center

Canyons And Buttes In North Dakota

April 24, 2020

What are the best outdoor adventures in North Dakota?

The rugged terrain of North Dakota's badlands is just one spot in the state where you can have a memorable outdoor adventure. If you love being out on the lake, whether it be fishing, kayaking, or swimming, you've got plenty of options. Lake Sakakawea is the second-largest manmade lake in the entire country and it's the ultimate summer destination. Devils Lake is the largest natural lake in ND and full of opportunities for great fishing or other activities. If you're someone who loves walking through the forest, the Pembina Gorge is scenic and densely wooded. The Sheyenne State Forest around the Sheyenne River is equally as gorgeous and even includes a trail to the state's only natural waterfall.

What are the most beautiful hikes in North Dakota?

Travel through the picturesque landscape of North Dakota on some stellar hikes. If you're looking for a hike with a view, the trail up to the top of Sullys Hill next to Devils Lake is a bit of a trek but at the top, you'll find it was more than worth it for the miles of lake and forest you can see. An easier trail with an equally as pretty payoff is the Wind Canyon Trail in Theodore Roosevelt National Park. Short and simple, this trail will take you to the ridgeline of one of the canyons and give you views of the Little Missouri River. According to the park rangers, its best viewed right at sunset.

Does North Dakota have any natural wonders?

This natural wonder is one of the most beautiful places in North Dakota, and it's only the beginning. Other natural wonders in the Peace Garden State include areas like the Prairie Pothole Region. The unusual pot-marked landscape features rolling, grassy hills and hundreds upon hundreds of ponds and lakes. These lakes are perfect for waterfowl, and because of that, millions of migratory birds visit them every year in spectacular fashion. The Pembina Gorge in the north is a fall foliage destination that includes dense forest through a winding river gorge. There are plenty more - North Dakota is full of surprises!