Tour Lewis And Clark’s Fort Mandan And Experience History In North Dakota

Pretty much everyone who has taken a US history course at some point in their life has heard of Lewis and Clark. This famous duo set out to find what lied in the west and if it ever reached the ocean. They encountered many people along the way, including the famous Sakakawea (or Sacagawea), who helped translate and guide them the rest of the way to the coast. What a lot of people don’t know is just how much time Lewis and Clark spent in North Dakota, and that they met Sakakawea within the state. In fact, they spent more time in this state than any other during their expedition. Today, you can explore this fascinating history at Fort Mandan in North Dakota – and everyone should visit it at least once.

Tours can be self-guided or lead by an interpreter. There is more information on the museum, fort, and park on this website.

Take a different kind of trip to the past when you see some of the earliest photos taken in North Dakota. Though many are still a good 70 or so years after Lewis and Clark stopped by, it’s still incredible to see photographs that are more than 100 years old now.

Address: Fort Mandan State Historic Site, 838 28th Ave SW, Washburn, ND 58577, USA