8 North Dakota Staples You Should Have Tried By Now

Like with any region, there are certain types of foods North Dakota is known for. These special staples have become the most popular, well-loved foods in the entire state. A lot of it has to do with where the residents of North Dakota’s ancestors came from. Scandinavians and Germans-from-Russia, for example, have the biggest influence on the state’s favorite recipes that have been passed down for generations.

Regardless of where these came from, people from the Peace Garden State know how delicious these foods are, and if you haven’t had them yet you should try them ASAP.

How many of these have you tried already?

We’ll give an honorable mention to lutefisk, the North Dakota food staple you’ve probably heard of but likely don’t want to try. It’s certainly an acquired taste, but still an important dish of the state!

Want to know where you can get all these foods at more at restaurants in the Peace Garden State that serve home-cooked meals to die for? We’ve got you covered right here.