Most North Dakotans Have Never Heard Of This Fascinating Rock Museum

One of the most unique museums in North Dakota is much more than a building full of artifacts. From the inside to the outside, it is all dedicated to one thing: rocks. While some people might think this would be a boring theme, it is anything but. Here’s why you should visit:

The Paul Broste Rock Museum is open seasonally from May 1st through Labor Day, Wednesday through Saturday, from 12:00 PM to 4:00 PM. You can schedule appointments outside the usual opening times by calling them at (701)-862-3352. Find more information on this museum by clicking here.

One of the things you can see on display at this museum is large, petrified tree stumps. These stumps are mineralized prehistoric trees that can often be found in western North Dakota. There is even a petrified forest of sorts you can explore yourself. Learn more about it here.

Address: 508 Main St, Parshall, ND 58770, USA