This Incredible Time Lapse Video Shows North Dakota Like You’ve Never Seen It Before

Time lapse photography can be a thing of beauty, but it is especially impressive when you realize just how long some of it takes to make. Earlier this year, filmmakers Evan Balko and Preston Sternson finished a project that they had been working on for 4 years. With over 20,000 individual photos included in what ended up being just over 4 minutes long in the final cut of the video, this is an impressive feat!

The video shows North Dakota’s largest city, Fargo, and every aspect of life there. The downtown area, a day in the park, graduation, sports, festivals, concerts, and events like the Fargo Marathon – all of these and more are included in this mesmerizing video. It shows snippets of what it’s like to live in an awesome city in our beautiful state. Even though they are condensed down to short clips here, it’s amazing when you realize that those short clips usually took 6 to 8 hours each to film.

Check it out:

This truly is a beautiful work of art and a great way to showcase a part of life in North Dakota. You can check out Evan Balko’s channel on YouTube right here.

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