7 Eerie Shots In North Dakota That Are Spine-Tingling Yet Magical

Photography can take a lot of paths depending on the setting, the subjects, and other things. Sometimes photographers get a perfect shot that balances between beautiful but also creepy. They can depict scenes that look calming and serene, yet still hold a sort of eerie feeling to them. You’d love to see it for yourself in person, but you’d also like to keep a safe distance.

All together, they hold that mysterious, magical sense to give you just enough curiosity that you still want to check them out. And you can here, at least through pictures, with these seven spine-tingling yet intriguing shots.

North Dakota will never fail to present some amazing scenes that are almost straight out of movies. If you have taken any pictures like these to share, or other pictures of North Dakota, you should definitely submit them to the Only In North Dakota Facebook page!