The Edmore Mystery In North Dakota Still Baffles People Today

The well-known Coen Brothers movie Fargo starts off with the statement that the story was based on true events. This statement was completely false, and the directors did this on purpose to draw attention to their movie and make it a little more interesting. But that’s not to say real “inspiration” isn’t out there. If you have watched the more recent Fargo series on FX – a spin-off of the movie – they have the same statement at the beginning of their episodes. The difference here is that the first season of the show actually draws a lot of inspiration from a very real mystery that is still under speculation today.

None of the movie or show takes place in Fargo or North Dakota at all, but this baffling mystery does take place in this state, in a town called Edmore.

Whether it was Kenneth Engie’s own mistake or choice, or whether someone he’d fought with had “gotten even,” we will never really know. It still draws the curiosity of many today, including the creators of the show Fargo (despite the fact that they set it in Minnesota instead of North Dakota). What do you think happened?

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