Most People Don’t Know These 7+ Treasures Are Hiding In North Dakota

According to the North Dakota Department of Transportation, in 2014 there were a whopping 86,850 MILES of roads in the state of North Dakota. That’s enough to completely circle the earth 3.4 times! Wow.

So, when a mere 32 miles of North Dakota’s highway system finds a way to stand out over the rest of the state, it’s a real head-turner. In case you haven’t heard about the Enchanted Highway, you won’t believe the roadside treasures hiding in plain sight on this road stretching from Regent northward to Gladstone. And in case you already know about the Enchanted Highway, read on for your chance to drive the full 32 miles of this amazing North Dakota road without even leaving your computer.

Cheers to artist Gary Greff for his labor of love! Have you driven North Dakota’s Enchanted Highway? We’d love to know and to see your photos. You can upload them over on our Facebook page.