A Drone Flew Over A River In North Dakota And Captured Breathtaking Footage

North Dakota’s prairies are full of splendor. The land is criss-crossed with many rivers, big and small, that shaped and formed the valleys among the plains. To see this from the ground can already be breathtaking and impressive, but to see it from a birds’ eye view is even more so. Luckily for us, technology has made it easier than ever to see that view.

Check out the video here:

This footage was captured by J Rueter, and you can check out the rest of their channel here. They have another great video of this area during a beautiful summer day here.

North Dakota is a great place to experience from every level – ground or air! Here are truly beautiful still images of those prairie sunsets us North Dakotans know and love. Living here and being able to experience those every day definitely is a plus!