The Creepiest Hike In North Dakota Takes You Through An Abandoned Bridge And Rail Tunnel

In far western North Dakota, there’s a weird, short little trail that’s definitely a bit on the spooky side thanks to its unusual features and eerie presence. It lurks quietly in McKenzie County and crosses over the Yellowstone Bridge; it’s been closed to traffic for a long time, now, though brave explorers can approach on foot. This creepy hike in North Dakota doesn’t feature any natural wonders or anywhere particularly beautiful, but it does feature an abandoned rail bridge (and tunnel!) with some interesting (and creepy) history. Check it out…if you dare:

So, what do you think? Is this creepy hike in North Dakota really haunted by the spirit of a lynched outlaw, or is it only so eerie simply because of what it is (an abandoned bridge and tunnel)? Tell us your thoughts in the comments! Need more creepy North Dakota in your life? Try this creepy day trip!

Address: Fairview Lift Bridge/Tunnel, 217 9th St, Fairview, MT 59221, USA