The Retro Cool Stuff Drive Inn In North Dakota Has The Best Classic Diner Food

Everyone can enjoy the occasional nostalgia trip to the “good old days,” especially through delicious food. If you love the diners and drive-ins of yesteryear, Cool Stuff Drive Inn is definitely a must-try. It certainly doesn’t look like it’s changed much over the years, outside or in, giving it a fun retro atmosphere. Plus, their food is exceptionally tasty. Keep reading to find out more about this retro drive-in in North Dakota:

Keep an eye on Cool Stuff Drive Inn’s specials, contact them, and learn more by visiting their Facebook page. Have you tried their food before?

Drive-ins are a summer staple in many small towns of North Dakota. They’ve been around for as long as they have for a reason, and you can only eat at most of them seasonally, so be sure to give them a visit before it’s too late. Here’s an entire list of drive-ins in North Dakota to try.

Address: 505 Old Hwy 15, Northwood, ND 58267, USA