A Christmas Star Will Light Up The North Dakota Sky For The First Time In Centuries

2020 has been quite the year, to put it lightly. With a constant bombardment of news all year long, often stressful and frustrating, the holidays seem like a welcome escape for a bit of cheer instead. Luckily, there is a bit of news that should brighten your dark skies – quite literally, actually – and that’s the Christmas Star over North Dakota. This year, for the first time in centuries, a special thing will happen in the night sky on the winter solstice. Be ready to look outside that night and see it!

Hopefully, the weather will be clear on the winter solstice and we can all enjoy this special bit of Christmas cheer!

What are your plans for the holidays? It may be a little different this year, but we can all still appreciate what makes Christmas in North Dakota great with our families at home.

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