There’s A Cheese Haven Hiding In North Dakota And It’s Everything You’ve Dreamed And More

If you’re a total dairy lover and enjoy great cheese, cheese curds, delicious milk, or any other dairy you can think of, you’ve got to visit this North Dakota farm. Not only do they make absolutely fantastic, pure dairy products, they sell it at their farm store that is always open. Any cheese enthusiast needs to put this on their bucket list! Here’s why:

My Bessy’s Best is located at 32950 17th Ave. NE, Sterling, ND 58572. The farm store is located right on the farm and is always open, just pay what you owe right then and there and enjoy your cheese and milk. It doesn’t get much more farm fresh than that!

Did you know that North Dakota dairy farms produce over 300 million gallons of milk every year? You can find more fun facts like that about the Peace Garden State right here!