The Bridge To Nowhere In The Middle Of The North Dakota Prairie Will Capture Your Imagination

If there’s something we find strangely intriguing here at Only In Your State, it’s bridges. We’re not even sure what it is about them that’s so captivating; they simply are. There’s something about them that really ignites the imagination and beckons curious onlookers to come closer – especially when it’s a bridge that doesn’t actually go anywhere. Enter the “Lost Bridge” of North Dakota: a bridge built over the Little Missouri River in the 1930s. Its original use was for moving cattle over the river, so it didn’t really need a road leading to (or from) it. Eventually, though, one would be built – but the bridge’s life wouldn’t be very long despite the effort.

What do you think? Do you find old, abandoned, or otherwise forgotten bridges in North Dakota interesting? Tell us your thoughts in the comments; we love hearing about the things that fascinate you!

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