This Beautiful Boardwalk Trail In North Dakota Is One Of The Most Unique Hikes Around

There aren’t many boardwalks in North Dakota, but there is a place where you can not only stroll along a boardwalk in a beautiful area but also learn a lot about the history along the way. This trail is unlike any other and it is well worth the visit! The things you’ll see and learn, all while taking a pleasant and easy walk along wood planks, are all part of an experience you don’t want to pass by. Come see why this fascinating, educational trek is one of the best hikes in North Dakota!

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North Dakota doesn’t have many boardwalks, but it does have other unique and fun trails to hike hidden all around the state. Check some out right here!

Address: Fort Buford State Historic Site, 15349 39th Ln NW, Williston, ND 58801, USA
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Best Hikes in North Dakota

March 25, 2022

What are some great easy hikes in North Dakota to take?  

North Dakota is a top-tier state for folks who love a good hike. Better still, there are plenty of hikes in North Dakota that won’t deplete all your energy or take the entire day, and we’re pretty sure there aren’t a whole lot of things quite as rewarding as finishing a hike no matter what the difficulty level might be. Some of our favorite easy hikes in North Dakota include epic treks like the Wind Canyon Trail, at Theodore Roosevelt National Park. It’s only a half-mile long, but don’t allow that to fool you – it is intensely scenic and absolutely stunning. While at Theodore Roosevelt National Park, also be sure to check out the Boicourt Overlook Trail. It’s only 0.8 miles in length and, as the moniker suggests, features a fabulous overlook. White Butte/North Dakota’s High Point Trail near Bowman is another great one; it’s 3.4 miles long and filled with its own quirks. Finally, be sure to check out Mineral Springs Trail, at Fort Ransom. It’s even home to a cute little waterfall after a decent rainstorm! In need of more ideas? Check this article out! We think you’ll love it. 

What are some of the most scenic hikes in North Dakota?  

North Dakota’s a pretty scenic place in general, so it makes sense that our hikes would be scenic, too! Some of the best scenic hikes in North Dakota include the delightful Wildwood Trail, which is within the Gunlogson Nature Preserve at Icelandic State Park. It features a wide, interesting variety of unique flora and fauna to admire along the way. Eagle Loop Trail, which is at Lake Metigoshe State Park, features a wonderful lakeside hike, and don’t even get us STARTED on the amazingness that is, well, pretty much every single hike at Theodore Roosevelt National Park, like the Painted Canyon Nature Trail at the south unit of the park. Finally, check out the Little Soldier Loop Trail at Fort Abraham Lincoln State Park. It’s 1.75 miles long and has an epic birds-eye view of the park and interesting features of the park.  

Address: Fort Buford State Historic Site, 15349 39th Ln NW, Williston, ND 58801, USA