Spend The Night In An Authentic 1870s Historic Homestead In The Middle Of North Dakota’s Sheyenne Forest

If you’re looking for cozy accommodations to stay at this winter, or a fun and different way to experience nature in the summer, or just want a quiet getaway out in the woods — this is the spot for you. There aren’t many chances to sleep in a house quite as special as this one, and it’s right in North Dakota’s beautiful Sheyenne River Valley, tucked away in the trees. Experience it for yourself any time of the year:

To make reservations for the Bjone House, visit the Fort Ransom State Park webpage. The house is available to rent during any season of the year.

Did you know there was a historic homestead at this state park? One of the other amazing state parks in North Dakota has more than just an old house — and you’ve got to check it out.

Address: 5981 Walt Hjelle Pkwy, Fort Ransom, ND 58033, USA