Watch Hundreds Of Bison Roam At This Beautiful 70,000 Acre Park In North Dakota

One of the most iconic animals of North Dakota is the bison. From the champion college sports team mascot in Fargo to the rare white bison and towering statue in Jamestown and the many wild bison that roam the prairie, you’ll find them in just about any region of this state. If you want to get a true bison experience, then you won’t find a better one than is found at North Dakota’s huge and beautiful Theodore Roosevelt National Park in the west.

You can find bison herds in both the North Unit and South Unit of the park. Find more information on both units by clicking here.

Did you know you can also see bison in another park all the way near Devils Lake, North Dakota? Sullys Hill National Game Preserve is another stunningly scenic and fascinating place with lots of wildlife to view, bison included. Learn more about it here.