This Itty Bitty North Dakota City Is Actually One Of The Best Antiquing Towns In The Country

If you love shopping at antique stores, then you’ll love this little town in North Dakota. It has its own history that runs through many aspects of the city and it has one of the coolest antique stores in the state. It may be small but it is definitely an experience other antiquing towns don’t have. Take a look for yourself:

You can visit all of these places in Hankinson. The Antique Depot is located at 16676 94th St. SE, Hankinson, ND 58041. The Dakota Drive-In and Hot Cakes Cafe are both located on 6th St. SW.

Where is your favorite history-filled town in North Dakota? The oldest town in North Dakota is definitely one of the coolest – after all, only one place can hold that title! Learn more about it right here.