A Drone Flew High Above An Uninhabited Farmstead In North Dakota And Caught The Most Incredible Footage

North Dakota has a long history of agriculture. Some of the farms of today have been around for more than a century, but many of the farmsteads that sprung up during the homesteaders days of the late 1800s and early 1900s have long since been abandoned or destroyed. Youtube user Dave Rubey took a drone video in North Dakota over one of these old farmsteads, and the footage is incredible.

Watch the video below to see some absolutely amazing footage of one of North Dakota’s farmsteads by Dave Rubey. He included some interesting facts and statistics about the state and farming throughout the video. The farm includes a farmhouse, barn, and many other buildings such as sheds and silos.

The drone will take you over the buildings and even through one of them. It’s fascinating to see a place like this still standing — even if heavily worn and falling apart in places. There were probably many years of family stories shared here, and if walls could talk, this place would likely have a lot to say.

If you are interested in looking at more of this state’s farming past, we put together a fascinating gallery of historic farming photos of North Dakota. Does your family have farming roots in North Dakota?

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