Drone Footage Captured At This Abandoned North Dakota Facility Is Truly Sad

Recently, we featured an article about the San Haven Sanatorium here in North Dakota, which you can read about here. It showed some images of the grim reality of the decay of the facility and about the dark history it possesses. Recently, Joey Black took some drone footage of the sanatorium. The video gives a new aerial view that helps show just how large the grounds are and just how badly the buildings have been damaged, out in the middle of nowhere in the Turtle Mountains. It really gives a feel of how isolated the place is.

You can see how dilapidated the buildings have become, many of the roofs have caved in and a lot of buildings are just rubble now. There is also a lot of vandalism you can spot in this second video that Joey Black uploaded a year ago with a bit of a closer look at the main buildings. There is graffiti and broken windows, and most of the buildings have been looted to leave behind just scraps.

San Haven will continue to slowly decay over time as there are currently no known plans to demolish or reconstruct the buildings. It is currently private property. The eeriness of the remaining structures seem to fit perfectly well with the history of the facility.

Though there are some sights like these in the far hidden reaches of North Dakota, there are beautiful sights full of life in other parts. Check out this amazing drone footage from the opposite side of the state that showcases some of the natural beauty of North Dakota.

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