Explore North Dakota’s Night Skies Through This Mesmerizing 360° Video

One of the best parts of living in or visiting North Dakota is the spectacular skies. With no towering mountains or huge city skylines to block the view, all you need to do is look towards the horizon and see an immense expanse of sky. The low population density and lack of light pollution also mean that the clear night skies are nothing short of jaw-dropping. If you haven’t experienced stargazing in North Dakota yet, you should, and even if you can’t go do it right now, there is a wonderful 360° video that will take you there and tell you about all of the constellations.

There are many constellations in the sky, and the State Historical Society of North Dakota made an awesome video highlighting the constellations you can see from North Dakota. This isn’t just an informative video to watch passively, though – it is interactive and will make you feel like you’re actually stargazing on a clear night.

The video below has a 360° experience. Once you press play, you can click and drag with a mouse, press the arrow keys in the top left corner, or move your mobile device in the direction you want to look to look around wherever you’d like and learn about the constellations. Check it out:

How many of the constellations did you already know about? Which ones were new to you? Test out your new knowledge on a clear night in North Dakota next time you get the chance!

Address: North Dakota, USA