This Scenic 256-Mile Drive Just May Be The Most Underrated Adventure In North Dakota

America’s “Road To Nowhere” cuts right across North Dakota and one of its end point is actually within the state itself. By following US Highway 83, you’ll take a long, scenic drive through the prairie in a seeming path to nowhere. Many people may not even consider it much of a trip, but when they come across all the hidden gems along this route they’ll realize this is one of the most underrated adventures the Peace Garden State has to offer. Here’s what they’re missing:

This would be a great potential summer road trip for people wanting to experience true North Dakota outside of the touristy areas. For more information on the Road to Nowhere, click here.

Looking for a scenic drive that’s a bit shorter yet still takes you through the grassy plains and charming small towns? That exists too, and you can find it here!