The Rare Natural Phenomenon In North Dakota That Will Go Down In History

This year there will be an incredible natural phenomenon that only occurs once nearly every century. Luckily for us North Dakotans, we will get a front row seat. This phenomenon is a solar eclipse that will go across the entire United States, certain states seeing more coverage than others. North Dakota will be experiencing an 75-90% coverage of the sun during the eclipse. Here is all you need to know about it and where the best places in the state to see it:

The eclipse will begin for North Dakota at about 11:30 AM CST/10:30 AM MDT and end at about 2:15 PM CST/1:15 PM MDT.

If you want to view the eclipse, be sure to have protective eyewear! It is never safe to stare directly into the sun, even if it is partially eclipsed.

Here is a map that will give you a good idea of how the eclipse will happen, where, and when:

North Dakota Solar Eclipse by Larry Koehn.

For more information on this amazing occurrence, click here. You really don’t want to miss this, because it is likely to be the only one that will happen within your lifetime. Mark your calendars!