Tackle Tree Walks, Canopy Trails, And Other Feats Deep In A North Carolina Forest At ZipQuest

The next time you’re feeling adventurous, pop in the car and head to Fayetteville to climb, walk, and zip among the treetops exploring a remote forest complete with its own waterfall – which you’ll cross over from high in the air. And then once you’ve mastered the thrill of this canopy course… come back that same night and do it in the dark!

ZipQuest is open year-round with two canopy tour adventures available both during the day and after dark. Depending upon which one you select, the cost is $55 or $85 per person, per tour. Learn more from the official website and follow the Facebook page here.

Address: 533 Carvers Falls Rd, Fayetteville, NC 28311, USA