2 Magical Places In North Carolina To Find Wild Horses This Summer

Few things inspire and represent freedom, adventure and mystique quite like wild horses. From going where the wind takes them, to traveling with the herd – there’s something wild horses symbolize unlike anything else. In North Carolina’s Outer Banks, these majestic creatures can be found roaming the shoreline, taking a dip in the ocean and even sunbathing or meandering through tall, coastal grass. Left here 500 years ago by Spanish explorers, these wild mustangs have learned to adapt and exist within the harsh coastal landscape, eventually making it their home.

There’s something about North Carolina’s wild horses that will never get old to me, it’s such a magical aspect to our state! Have you seen the wild horses before? Any stories to share?

If you’re planning to travel north to Carova and get a glimpse at the wild horses – make a whole weekend out of it with our guide here.