Take A 98-Mile Drive On The North Carolina Waterfall Scenic Byway And Pass Scores Of Waterfalls

If you consider yourself a true waterfall fan, you’ve likely researched “waterfalls near me” in North Carolina a time or two. There are countless scenic highways in North Carolina, including a 98-mile stretch of roadway that is surrounded by 200 waterfalls in the western part of the state. Aptly named the Waterfall Scenic Byway, this is one segment of road sure to wow your sense of adventure. Buckle up and let’s get started, shall we? The highlights of this scenic byway road trip are below…

The byway begins in Transylvania County, where you’ll embark on this 98-mile journey which begins at the intersection of US 64 and NC 215 in Rosman. Go west on 64 and cross the French Broad River.

The Waterfalls Scenic Byway begins in Rosman and ends in Murphy. Have you driven this uniquely gorgeous route in North Carolina yet? Let us know in the comments and feel free to upload your beautiful photos to the comments or to our North Carolina Nature Lovers group on Facebook! The next time you research “waterfalls near me,” we hope you remember this gorgeous North Carolina destination. There’s truly a waterfall out there for every kind of outdoor enthusiast!

If you love waterfall road trips, then you’ll go wild for this North Carolina’s scenic waterfall loop that will take you to 11 different waterfalls!

Address: Transylvania County, NC, USA
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July 23, 2022

What’s a scenic drive I can take in North Carolina?

North Carolina is a nature enthusiast’s dream and that’s especially true of Western North Carolina. Home of the Great Smokey Mountains, this portion of our state is positively resplendent. If you’re a fan of natural beauty and gorgeous, scenic drives, you can’t do much better than a trip along the iconic Blue Ridge Parkway. The Parkway spans from Virginia to North Carolina at the Tennessee border and every mile is brimming with beautiful scenery. A distinguished National Parkway and All-American Road, the Blue Ridge Parkway is one that belongs on every traveler’s bucket list. Touring this road, which winds through mountain vistas and old-growth forests, you’ll enjoy pristine natural scenery without stop lights, congested traffic, or much else to distract you from the view. Plus, every mile or so, there are pull-offs that allow you to safely enjoy the scenery and even snap a few photos. And the best part of all? Driving along the Blue Ridge Parkway is free!

What are the best waterfall hikes in North Carolina?

As you’ve learned reading the above article, North Carolina boasts hundreds of beautiful waterfalls and many of them can be reached via a hiking trail. Fortunately, there are plenty of amazing waterfall hikes in North Carolina that are also relatively easy, meaning that nearly everyone can enjoy them! Some of our favorite waterfall hikes in North Carolina include Linville Falls, Lower Cascade Falls in Hanging Rock State Park, Crabtree Falls, Hickory Nut Falls, Mingo Falls, Skinny Dip Falls, DuPont State Forest (where you’ll see not one, but three waterfalls!), and Midnight Hole. Learn more about some of these easy waterfall hikes in North Carolina.

Address: Transylvania County, NC, USA