View A Beautiful Waterfall From The Top And The Bottom On The Glenn Falls Trail In North Carolina

If there’s only one waterfall hike you take this season, hit the trail to Glenn Falls near Highlands, North Carolina! This doozy of a trail has a lot of steps to haul yourself out of the canyon you’ll travel into, but the journey is so worth the effort because of the unique waterfall views you’ll have along the journey.

It’s 2.4 miles in length and has a total elevation change of 784 feet. Most people can finish this hike in under four hours. Be prepared to share the trail as this one is popular with tourists. Parking is at a premium. We recommend hiking very early in the morning to get a spot, or avoiding days of the week (like the weekends) when traffic is higher. Learn more about the Glenn Falls Trail from our friends at AllTrails.

By the way, it makes a great photo, but we do not recommend getting a photo of yourself close to the edge of this waterfall. Please use caution when you’re at the top of the waterfall. Fatalities occur with only a slight misjudgment of footing.

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Address: 1091 Glen Falls Rd, Highlands, NC 28741, USA