Maybe you’ve been in North Carolina all of your life, or you’re a recent transplant. Either way, sometimes when you visit somewhere you just feel like you belong. As the saying goes ‘when you know you know’ so these ten are surefire signs you belong in the Tar Heel State.

1. You love a good home cooked meal

There’s nothing like southern cooking in the south. Maybe the first time you had biscuits and gravy…you decided you WOULD eat this everyday.

2. You’ve been described as laid back

The North Carolina coast is the perfect place for those laid back beach bums looking to escape real life a bit.

3. You love college basketball


Even if you’re not from North Carolina, something about the Carolina vs. Duke rivalry just captivates you.

4. You love adventure

You can’t get enough of a good adventure. Maybe that is hiking on the weekend, whitewater rafting, or even surfing…you’re always up to try something new and want to live in a place that can provide you endless options for those fun outlets.

5. You’ve always loved the word ‘y’all’


Some people make fun of our usage of that word, while others seamlessly incorporate it into their vocabulary as if they’ve been here all along.

6. Speaking of…there’s just something about those southern accents

You love southern accents, and you love having one. It’s basically possible to charm anyone with a nice southern drawl.

7. You fit right into the southern culture

You don’t mind taking an hour or two sit on your front porch as the sun sets in the summer sky. You like baking casseroles, or attending home cooked dinners with friends and families.

8. You crave the balance between the hustle and bustle of the city and the laid back charm of the country


Luckily, in North Carolina you can have both. Charlotte and Raleigh are both bustling metropolitan cities…with gorgeous landscape and scenery only twenty minutes outside of town.

9. You love Cheerwine

Ok, you belong here.

10. You feel lost without nature

North Carolina has such beautiful scenery it’s easy to get spoiled and almost become immune to it. This is especially true after visiting or living somewhere else, you always crave coming home to that super green scenery that never ceases to amaze.

11. There’s a bit of an artist in you


There’s no way to not be somewhat creative in North Carolina. From the bustling art scene of Asheville, to the film culture of Winston-Salem and Charlotte…there’s always some creative endeavor taking place.

12. You want a great place to raise a family

North Carolina is a great place to raise a family and you can imagine your children growing up here, maybe like you did.

13. You visit other places and always compare it to North Carolina


You could stand at the top of a mountain in Ireland and still reminisce on how lucky you are to have the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains back home as well. It doesn’t mean you don’t appreciate the view or scenery in front of you, you just realize you’re blessed to have back home.

14. You love live music

North Carolina’s music scene is one of the best and we’re consistently breeding talented musicians who go on to be global superstars.

15. Barbecue

You don’t care if it’s east or west, you shun all other state’s and their shoddy attempts at making real BBQ.

What did you think of our list? Did we miss any? Tell us in the comments below!

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