After Exploring The Trails, Feed Hummingbirds At Goose Creek State Park In North Carolina

Every spring, the skies come alive with hummingbirds – the tiny, multi-colored little birds that feed off nectar. Having some of these little fliers visit your surroundings can be just the thing to brighten up a day. Many people like to hang small feeders in their yard to attract them, but if you’d like to see them in the wild, state parks are among the best ways. Goose Creek State Park in Washington is a great tourist destination – especially during hummingbird season.

Have you visited Goose Creek State Park when the hummingbirds are making their presence known? Let us know about the park and your tips for feeding hummingbirds in the comments section!

Address: Goose Creek State Park Campground Road, Goose Creek State Park Campground Rd, North Carolina 27889, USA