Hike Less Than Half A Mile To This Spectacularly Hidden Waterfall In North Carolina

Waterfall chasing isn’t always an easy sport. No matter much you want to see a particular waterfall, the trail always dictates how far you’ll get. For the experienced hiker, this is not a problem. But for the rest of us, getting to some waterfalls is beyond hope and could be downright dangerous. This could be the case entirely with the spectacularly hidden waterfall in North Carolina known as English Falls on the Blue Ridge Parkway.

Because of the uphill and downill scrambles, the trail to English Falls is rated as HARD by AllTrails. As always, if you’re hiking alone be sure to let someone know where you’ll be and when you’re expected back.

For another – much easier – hike to a hidden waterfall in North Carolina, Plan A Visit To Secret Falls, North Carolina’s Beautifully Blue Waterfall.