It’s safe to say some pretty amazing inventions come from North Carolina. Our soft drinks, for one, are so amazing that apparently a mere sip can bring a stranger to tears. That was the case for this girl, who is allergic to caffeine. After trying a caffeine free pepsi for the first time she cried tears of delicious joy.

While it’s pretty peculiar that one would cry over Pepsi, I guess Brad’s Drink (now Pepsi), invented in New Bern in 1893, is still doing its job.

I probably wouldn’t cry over a Pepsi, but some North Carolina things I would cry over involve…

1. The invention of calorie free Krispy Kreme donuts.

2. Carolina style burgers delivered straight to my door.

3. The first taste of an NC BBQ platter after a few years out of state.

4. Returning to NC after a long time and seeing the glowing, beautiful, Cookout OPEN sign at 2AM.

5. Cajun filet biscuits.

6. International sales of Cheerwine.

What North Carolina invention would bring tears to your eyes? Tell us in the comments below!

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