The 6.6-Mile Shuckstack Fire Tower Trail In North Carolina Is One Of The Best Trails In The Great Smoky Mountains

Hiking in America’s most visited national park (yes, that would be the Great Smoky Mountains National Park) is always a treasured experience, regardless of what trail you’re exploring. From trails that lead absolutely nowhere to hikes that travel to lost villages deep in the woods, the park is filled with unparalleled hiking adventures. However, even though the most savvy, experienced hiker would be hard-pressed to name just one trail in the park as a favorite, the trail to Shuckstack Fire Tower definitely belongs on the bucket list.

Most people set aside at least five or six hours for this hike. Be sure to bring plenty of water and a snack! This trail can be a challenge, so come prepared. To learn more about the trail, check out this link at AllTrails.

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Address: Fontana Dam, NC 28733, USA