This Has Terrified Millions Of People… And It Happened Here In North Carolina

On a quiet night in Wilmington, this gorgeous coastal town becomes a bit otherwordly. Large live oaks flow for miles into the distance, their limbs spin and intertwine high into a quiet, dark sky. Interrupting the eerie silence, you may hear a bird chirping in the distance, the echo of a branch cracking, a splash in faraway water.

This land is bright, beachy, and active during the day but turns into something quite different at night. Something haunted, maybe a bit beyond our understanding. Almost like a fairytale, or a horror story. It’s no surprise several horror films have been shot in Wilmington over the last decade. The atmosphere, the scenery, is almost so beautiful it can feel like a constructed movie set.

But what makes this an even bigger honor is that a movie named “best horror movie of the decade” by entertainment blog Watch Moto was shot in Wilmington. Can you guess which one it is?

The Conjuring was shot primarily in Wilmington using several locations as the backdrop for this epic thriller.

WOW! How scary! I got the heebie-jeebies just writing this. It’s pretty cool that North Carolina is home to some awesome, cult classic thrillers! Have you seen The Conjuring? What are some of your favorite horror movies filmed here?

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