The World’s Deadliest Tickborne Disease Is Prevalent In North Carolina And Here’s What You Need To Know

You just may want to think twice before heading out on a hiking adventure in North Carolina this, or any other, year. There’s a deadly tickborne disease spreading rampantly through the Tar Heel State and it’s one you’ll want to avoid at all costs. I should know; I was diagnosed last May with Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, a disease I’d never even heard of until I got the news of the diagnosis.

In the end, family members were dispatched from South Carolina to retrieve me on what I considered to be my deathbed in North Carolina. They brought me to South Carolina where a talented diagnostician saw the potential for RMSF and tested me immediately. I was lucky. Again, know the signs and insist on a test. If your doctor won’t order a test, find another doctor that will.

What you can do to help prevent prolonged suffering and possibly even death from Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever is arm yourself with loads of information to become familiar with the symptoms. You’ll find the most comprehensive information on the Internet on the website of NORD, the National Organization of Rare Diseases.