There’s A Covered Bridge Trail In North Carolina And It’s Everything You’ve Ever Dreamed Of

If you love history and experiencing it firsthand, what better way is there than visiting a covered bridge from North Carolina’s past? Covered bridges used to get those on horse and buggy (or just horse or foot) from point A to point B… long before the days of cars and even railways. North Carolina may not have an abundance of covered bridges (we have three, for what it’s worth), but what we lack in quantity, we more than make up for in quality. Of the state’s covered bridges, the Pisgah Covered Bridge comes equipped with a walking trail and beautiful, woodsy surrounding. Are you ready to embark on an epic, covered bridge trail adventure in North Carolina? Let’s do it!

It’s crazy all of the beautiful and amazing things you’ll find hiding in the woods of North Carolina. There’s so much history here, and better yet, preserved history. Did you know about this covered bridge trail in North Carolina? Have you visited this amazing area before? Share your covered bridge experiences in the Tar Heel State in the comments below!

If you love bridges (and who doesn’t?), you’ll want to walk across these 11 charming bridges in North Carolina… what fun!

Address: Covered Bridge Trail, North Carolina 28768, USA
Address: Pisgah Covered Bridge Road, Pisgah Covered Bridge Rd, North Carolina, USA
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covered bridge trail in North Carolina

November 06, 2021

How many covered bridges are there in North Carolina?

The Tar Heel State is full of charming places and wonders; however, when it comes to covered bridges, we only have three! Of these three, the Bunker Hill Covered Bridge is the oldest and most historic, hailing from 1895! The Pisgah Covered Bridge, which is the landmark in the above covered bridge trail in North Carolina, is the second-oldest, harkening back to 1910. The third, the Will Henry Stevens Covered Bridge, actually originated in Warner, New Hampshire! In 2008, it was dismantled, transported, and rebuilt in its current location.

What are some charming places to visit in North Carolina?

North Carolina is such a charming place. Between our straight-from-a-fairytale forests and hidden castles, to our resplendent waterfalls and natural wonders, there’s so much magic here in The Tar Heel State. Once you’ve visited our charming covered bridges, here are 10 fairytale places in North Carolina that are absolutely enchanting. Some of our favorite spots on the list include the Joyce Kilmer Memorial Forest (which is hiding some adorable little footbridges!), Land of Oz Theme Park, Mingo Falls, Cape Hatteras National Seashore, and the Sarah P. Duke Gardens.

Are there any swinging bridges in North Carolina?

What is it about bridges that’s so irresistible? Whether it’s an old covered bridge, a footbridge located on a trail, or a high-flying swimming bridge, it’s just so much fun crossing these cool architectural structures! One of our favorite swinging bridges in North Carolina is located at Carvers Falls — so you get a waterfall *and* bridge all in one trip! Part adventure course and part swinging bridge, this hike is a wholly unique experience you can only have here in North Carolina!

Address: Covered Bridge Trail, North Carolina 28768, USA
Address: Pisgah Covered Bridge Road, Pisgah Covered Bridge Rd, North Carolina, USA