8 Off-The-Grid Destinations In North Carolina That Will Take You Away From It All

In today’s world, we’re constantly bogged down. Social media always keeps us plugged in and it’s almost stranger to be staring off into space than down at your phone. We’ve started to shift our day-to-day away from appreciating the beauty of all around us and more in a place of FOMO (fear of missing out) or vicariously living through other’s perceived life. Although it’s the norm, there’s plenty of people (myself included) who would go crazy without checking out from the world for a bit and going off the grid.

It might be a long weekend camping (with no cell service), a beautiful drive, or even a destination that still feels outside of reality. If you’re looking to retreat these 8 destinations will renew the soul.

All of these destinations are such remote, beautiful escapes. Which ones have you visited and which ones do you want to visit now?

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