This North Carolina Superstition Will Give You Wealth, Luck, And Happiness In 2020

The South is a pretty superstitious place. Women fear the last loaf of bread as it means you’ll never be married, and you also won’t get married if you let someone sweep under your feet. What about when your eyebrows grow together – you’ve met your match? There are all kinds of fun superstitions and old wives tales that are prevalent in North Carolina…but one you’ll want to try this year for luck, wealth, and prosperity is as simple as a hearty meal on New Year’s day! Check out the New Year’s superstition in North Carolina that you should include this upcoming year in order to bring in all the luck!

I know this is a beloved tradition at my house and a favorite New Year’s superstition in North Carolina. But does it really work? You’ll have to see for yourself when you celebrate New Year’s this year!

Do you eat this ‘fortunate plate’ and has it brought you good luck? Make sure to leave your own pieces of advice or superstitions in the comments section!

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New Year's Superstition In North Carolina

November 10, 2019

Are there any other superstitions in North Carolina?

The thing about living in the South is that you’ve likely come across a superstition or two during your lifetime. Growing up in North Carolina, there may have been superstitions that you follow or abide by in order to avoid bad luck that you didn’t even recognize as superstitions because they come second-nature. Some North Carolina superstitions involve avoiding being unlucky in love or simply just avoiding bad luck in general. A few common superstitions in North Carolina that you may already know about include how many ribbons you break when opening wedding gifts is how many children you will have, not doing laundry on New Year’s day, women should never put their purse on the floor or they'll be broke, and painting porches blue in order to ward off evil spirits.

What are the most popular traditions in North Carolina?

Traditions in the South are a bit different than superstitions. While superstitions are often used to ward off bad luck, traditions are more of what you’ve grown accustomed to in terms of rituals. North Carolina traditions can be as simple as gathering family every Sunday for a meal or visiting the local swimming hole every summer to cool off. A few common traditions that many North Carolina residents allow include having oyster roasts, having BBQs when the weather gets warm, building a bonfire when you win a basketball game, or honoring the white squirrel legacy.

What is the most bizarre superstition in North Carolina?

Beyond the many honorable superstitions that come from North Carolina, there are also plenty of wacky ones, too. Because North Carolina superstitions often involve avoiding bad luck (which nobody wants) some of them can get pretty weird but should still be followed anyway. That’s the thing about superstitions is that as crazy as they sound, all practicality goes out the window…just in case they're true. A few of the most bizarre superstitions in North Carolina include leaving through the same door you’ve entered, touching a button as soon as you see a hearse, holding your feet up over railroad tracks, if you see cows laying down, it’s going to rain, or always buying a new broom when you move.