Here Are 16 Things You’ll Never Catch Anyone From North Carolina Doing

While some of these are silly and some are true to our southern roots, here are sixteen things you’ll never find a North Carolinian doing.

1. Not enjoying a nice summer night


If we’re not making the most of the twilight, a nice chair, and of course the humidity, we must be stuck at work or just stuck inside.

2. Missing an important basketball game

We used to watch the ACC Tournaments during school if that tells you anything.

3. Turning down a hot, glazed, Krispy Kreme doughnut


You must be crazy if you do!

4. Disrespecting their elders

We are taught from a young age to respect those who come before us. While some people are just brats, most North Carolinians respect our elders and will always show it.

5. Saying “you guys”

You mean y’all?

6. Saying they like both Lexington and Eastern style Barbecue

Even if you ‘do’ like both, you still have to pick a side and that usually develops from what part of the state you were raised in.

7. Skipping a Sunday drive on the Blue Ridge Parkway during fall


We know, we know, the ‘leafer’ traffic, but we’re not going to miss a chance to bask in the glory of our own state.

8. Speaking of…turning down a trip to the Outer Banks or Wilmington

Sharks? What sharks? Ok, I’ll just go ankle deep.

9. Talking smack about North Carolina

We all complain from time to time, but if you’re going to constantly whine about the Tar Heel state then get out.

10. Attempting to drive in over 6 inches of snow

Unless you have four wheel drive, or you’re from Western, NC, or you’re a 16 year old with a new truck.

11. Ordering a ‘plain’ burger


Carolina (all the way) style or none at all.

12. Going home instead of eating Cookout at 3AM

Do you really want that hangover tomorrow? Cookout milkshakes fix everything.

13. Not liking Bojangles

If you don’t like Bojangles your tastebuds must be non-existent.

14. Cheering for Maryland

No. No. No.

15. Turning down a free ticket to a Panther’s Game

With NFL football just a drive away…you know we are going to say yes.

16. Leaving North Carolina and never coming back


Even if we do ‘really’ leave, our hearts will always belong to the Tar Heel state.

What would YOU never do in North Carolina? Tell us in the comments!

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