These 12 Beautiful Sunrises In North Carolina Will Have You Setting Your Alarm

To be honest, I’m a night person. You’ll find me watching the sunset before I ever wake up early enough to catch the sunrise. But just last week I was at Emerald Isle and braved the 6AM alarm to watch the day begin. While my camera and I stood on the sandy beach as beautiful colors peeped through the clouds, I couldn’t help but wonder, why don’t I do this more often?

Sure, mornings are harsh, but they’re some of the most magical times in our state. Bonus, there’s so many talented photographers who know how to capture this beauty perfectly and they always share their work with us via the Only In North Carolina Facebook page. These 12 sunrises will have you convinced the early bird does gets the worm!

What did you think? Do you have your own sunrise picture you want to share? Tell us in the comments!