What These 15 North Carolina Photographers Captured Will Blow You Away – Part 4

It’s official, fall is in full bloom in North Carolina. For the past few weeks we’ve seen peeps of red, yellow, and orange; but this week it’s full fledge foliage and I can’t get enough of it. Weeks like this make me truly thankful to live in such a beautiful state. I’m also thankful for the amazing photographers who capture the beauty and seem to make these moments in time stand still. I received so many great pictures this week and am excited to share them with the readers.

What did you think of this weeks selection?

Photographers, North Carolina has a beautiful landscape, there’s no denying that, but what about buildings or places that make North Carolina ‘home’ to you? Is it a BBQ shack, a large tree in a corn field, or a beautiful old house? For next week, I want to focus more on places! Send me your best ‘places’ pictures that really capture the essence of you Tar Heel ‘home.’