The Lighthouse Road Trip On The North Carolina Coast That’s Dreamily Beautiful

Along the coast and on the Outer Banks, North Carolina is dotted with gorgeous and historic lighthouses. We’re home to the largest brick lighthouse in the U.S, a gothic revival lighthouse, and some that date back to the early 1800s. It’s crazy to think of the history, and all of the ships that have been guided, by North Carolina’s lighthouses. What a better way to experience the beauty than to make a whole road trip out of it? My suggestion? Take around 4-5 days for the entire trip, stop along the way in the quaint coastal towns, and make the most out of the lighthouse road trip. For full driving instructions and the map, click here. Lets hit the road!

What a beautiful, fun, and coastal road trip! By now you should have salt in your hair and sand in your toes. This is a road trip I could do time and time again. Have you ever traveled down the coast and visited all of the North Carolina lighthouses?

If you’re looking for another amazing way to explore the Outer Banks, feel like you’re driving through the middle of the ocean on this ‘road to nowhere.’