This Mouthwatering Ice Cream Trail In North Carolina Is All You’ve Ever Dreamed Of And More

It’s summertime and that means one thing (among many) – ice cream! The beloved sweet treat is perfect for grabbing something sweet and cooling off during a hot summer day. While it seems there’s an ice cream shop on every corner, a few are just better than the rest. This (relatively) short ice cream road trip can be done in particular areas in a day (say, the triangle and then move on to Charlotte region, next, mountains) or, if you find yourself driving across the state for a beach or mountain trip, include a couple of these on your way!

Chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, coconut cream; it’s about to get extra sweet on this particular road trip.

Click here for full road trip map, directions etc.

Well, that sounds certainly delicious! While many of you might be saying, “There’s none at the beach?!” Just wait, we’ll soon be releasing a customized ice cream trail down the Outer Banks and onto Wilmington…yum!