These 15 Terrifying Things In North Carolina May Haunt Your Dreams

Since I was a young girl, I’ve been told the haunting stories, legends, and myths of North Carolina. It starts with grandparents or uncles trying to get a good spook in, but then, for me at least, it turned into me having to know the WHOLE story. While most children would shy away and say ‘that’s scary!’ I asked for books on the subject and read them front to back in one sitting. I have always been captivated by just HOW intriguing, mysterious, and haunted North Carolina is.

Maybe it’s our state’s backdrop of spooky, ever-expansive marshes to the east, and mysterious, enchanted mountains to the west. Maybe, North Carolina just has so much history, and mystery, the ghosts; the ‘monsters’, the sirens and the headless feel just at home here as we do.

While some of these are spooky, some are silly, and some are terrifying, it’s amazing the rich legends we have here in our beloved, haunted state. Now it’s your turn. I want to hear your NC ghost stories, legends, and tales in the comments! You know I love a good ghost(or demon dog) story.