25 Ways To Spot Someone From North Carolina… No Matter Where They Are

North Carolina breeds a unique type of person. One rooted in southern tradition but still somewhat adventurous and wild at heart. This duality is influenced by the beautiful landscape of our state, the diversity from the mountains to the coast, and the core values instilled in all of us as people. Here are 25 ways to spot a native ‘North Carolinian.’

1. We refer to a group of people as ‘yall.’ ‘You all’ has never once existed in our vocabulary.

2. If something is in the distance we will most likely say, ‘it’s yonder.’

3. We give directions using landmarks, always.


‘You’ll see Bojangles on your left.’ Admit it…you’ve said it.

4. We’ll always be appropriately dressed for the weather. Unlike our neighbors to the south, we know when it’s snowing we should probably not be wearing flip flops.

5. Speaking of snow, everyone who is NOT from western North Carolina generally flips out and runs to the grocery store before the white stuff even starts falling from the sky.


6. We are not that impressed with your beaches, or your mountains.

7. Sure, they’re great, they’re beautiful, but we’ll more than likely be excited to return to our home after a long trip.


8. We know how to shoot a shotgun. At night, we know how to spot a deer in a field. Oh, and if you tell certain North Carolinians you ‘saw a deer’ our response might be… “Well, did you shoot it?”

9. We’ve crafted the perfect response, without sounding conceited, to someone who says “Oh my gosh I love North Carolina, it’s so beautiful.” Usually it’s…. “Oh thanks! Yeah I know, I am just so lucky to be from there!”

10. We say bless your heart, and depending on the context, usually only natives know if we’re being nice or sneaky.


11. Ask about BBQ and you’ll get an ear full. Oh…and its a legit war over which one is better and which one is ‘official.’

12. Speaking of debates, if you don’t know about college basketball, we’re seriously appalled. Also, we are usually sporting some type of college or professional sports gear no matter what we’re wearing. We are proud of our sports teams!

13. We aren’t scared of obstacles or challenges. We’ve been climbing mountains, or working on farms, or riding waves, since we were babies.

14. We brag about soft drinks and doughnuts. Mainly Cheerwine, Sun Drop, and Krispy Kreme.


Is that a cheeseburger between a Krispy Kreme Doughnut?! Oh my gosh.

15. We know nothing beats a home cooked meal shared with friends and family. If you meet us in another state, we are more than likely the ones trying to plan dinner parties…and of course we’ll host. Now ya’ll come back now, ya hear!

16. We will give you some really strange looks if you say you don’t ‘have sweet tea.’ Usually that will be followed with a ‘bless your heart.’

17. Get to know us a little better, and you’ll be able to distinguish which part of the state we come from. While having core North Carolinian values, the people of the mountains and the people of the Outer Banks might as well be from two different planets. Same goes with all other areas of the state. What can we say, we like our diversity. It keeps things interesting!

18. We have good taste in music, are usually the ones in charge of the ‘party playlist’ and the ones our friends come to for new bands and musicians.


19. We are amazingly good at being laid back, enjoying the moment, and appreciating the little things.

20. That’s why we’re never really ‘in a rush.’ We like to live life with speed, but never try and speed through important experiences and memories.

21. When it comes time to party, we drink well. From being able to handle homemade moonshine, to knowing the best craft beer in the state…North Carolinians are pretty spoiled when it comes to party beverages.


22. We LOVE our sweet tea, this love can persists from breakfast to supper. Also, yes, you might find us calling dinner ‘supper.’

23. Not to mention we have a ton of slang words to refer to multiple things.

24. ‘Carolina in my Mind’ is a sentimental song. If it comes on the radio we just have to turn it up and sing loud and proud!


25. We all love our great state. We know we’re so lucky to be from such a wonderful place. We’d never bash North Carolina. Sure, you might meet us in a new city, crafting a new life, but deep down we know that Carolina will always be in our heart and that we can always return if we get too homesick. There’s nothing like home!

Well, natives…we are sure a great bunch of people! Which ones should I add to the list??

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