People Drive From All Over For The Breakfast And Lunch At This Charming North Carolina Restaurant

Charm abounds in tiny towns all over the Tar Heel State including the tiny but might town of Seven Springs, whose fate has brought it back from the (almost) dead three times in the last twenty-five years after major floods almost wiped the town off the map. But the resilient and determined folks (all 111 of them) who live in Seven Springs dug, scraped, cleaned, and rebuilt their way back each time. That, alone, makes Seven Springs worthy of a little road trip. But while you’re there you simply can’t pass up a visit to Mae’s on Main Street. This charming North Carolina restaurant is a must-visit and the fact that it’s located only four miles from one of the state’s most underrated state parks means you’ll be able to fill the entire day with fun activities the whole family can enjoy.

When gas prices soar, the natural reaction is the stay home and avoid long-journey vacations. So why not spend more time this year exploring your own backyard right here in the Tar Heel State? Pair a foodie visit to this charming North Carolina restaurant (Mae’s Restaurant at 300 Main Street in Seven Springs) with a trip to the underrated Cliffs of the Neuse State Park for a delicious and adventure filled day.

Wondering where Seven Springs is in relation to where you live in North Carolina? It’s right in the middle of the distance between Mt. Olive and Kinston. It’s also 17 miles southeast of Goldsboro.

Address: Mae's Restaurant, 300 Main St, Seven Springs, NC 28578, USA
Address: Cliffs of the Neuse State Park, 240 Park Entrance Rd, Seven Springs, NC 28578, USA