The One-Of-A-Kind Overlook In North Carolina With At Least 18 Train Tunnels And Switchback Tracks Is A Must-See

One of the most fascinating overlooks along the Blue Ridge Parkway is found at mile marker 328.6 in North Carolina. It’s here that in the fall or early spring before the leaves return to the trees, that onlookers can get glimpses of the old Clinchfield Railroad loops that were built between 1905 and 1908. Along this 13.5-mile stretch of winding, chasing, track full of switchbacks and sharp turns you just may also get glimpses of the 18 train tunnels that swept through these mountain ranges like mole hills and holes in a lumpy back yard.

(Editor’s note: Please be aware this is a LIVE railroad line. We are in no way suggesting you hike any portion of this. Railroad tracks are private property and walking through tunnels on a railway that’s still very active is a dangerous activity.)

Learn more about The Loops Overlook and be sure to bring your binoculars when you visit!

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