The Unrivaled Canyon Hike In North Carolina Everyone Should Take At Least Once

The Linville Gorge is easily one of the most jaw dropping experiences in North Carolina. Deemed the ‘Grand Canyon of the East Coast’ it’s an absolute must experience. The Linville River’s high source on Grandfather Mountain formed the gorge. Today, it encloses the river for 12 miles. Consisting of 12,002 acres, The Linville Gorge Wilderness Area is the third largest in North Carolina and one of two in the southeastern United States.

With so much land, there are plenty of scenic hikes to make the most of North Carolina’s own Grand Canyon.

With near perfect temperatures, now is the perfect time to plan a weekend hike at Linville Gorge. You can’t go wrong at North Carolina’s own Grand Canyon!

Have you hiked the gorge before? Are there any trails you’d recommend?

While you’re in the western region of the state, check out this rare North Carolina phenomenon before it disappears in November.